Halloween Rush
October 31
Finish your job earlier and start your Halloween celebration like never before

The city quest "Halloween Rush" is a perfect opportunity to warm up before your Halloween party or Trick or Treat run. The game starts at Dorchester Square and finishes at Old Montreal. Start any time between 16:00 and 20:00, October 31st. There will be around 6-8 funny riddles and tasks, a lot of fun and interaction with live actors.
For teams
of 2-8 players
Average complexity
60 minutes
Friends, families, colleagues!
Brain Race Halloween
We know how to start your Halloween celebration! Grab your kids, family, friends or colleagues and get a funny halloween journey through our lovely city to celebrate the most mysterious day of the year. Our Halloween race is free!

Brain Race Halloween is a city quest on foot. Within an hour you will solve a bunch of amazing puzzles, you will meet a real Halloween characters and you will have a funny and hilarious beginning of your evening, either it Trick or Treat run with family or a wild party with friends!
Start the quest any time, October 31st, between 16:00 and 20:00. Just show up with your team at Dorchester Square, join the game via your smartphone and start your adventure. At least one phone per team with mobile data is required, but the more the better. Be ready to walk around 3 km, to be entertained and to be challenged. Trick or Treat!
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They are already raced with us
Amazing experience! Well organized! I had a great time! It's a mix of Amazing Race and an Escape game! You use your brain and your physical endurance and you discover the beautiful city of Montreal! I recommend it to all and definitively I will come back! πŸ˜ƒπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ˜ƒ
Michal Falenczyk
It is really engaging and entertaining, especially if you compete with your friends. Some of tasks are simple, some more difficult, but if you get stuck the hints will always help you to go through. And there are moments when the plot makes you really believe that you are taking part in a real adventure, not just a game :).
Raphael Jungling
Great group activities to discover the city while having fun! Intensely fun and playful.
Kim Levan
Great experience! So much fun running around the city like crazies looking for hints. I highly recommend it :)

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