The Secret of the Canal Lachine
Start your journey at Saint-Henri borough, Atwater Market area. Try to walk in a shoes of John Redpath, one of the leaders of a 19th-century industrial revolution in Montreal. He had a lot of secrets and he loved Montreal more than anything on Earth.

He created many puzzles to solve on the way to the most precious treasure he ever had. It is now hidden somewhere for you to be found.

Maybe you will need to cross Canal Lachine multiple times to reach the final destination. Unriddle the biggest mystery John left for us.

The game is created in collaboration with Amaze Escape Games.

We created a game that completely follows the safety guidelines. During our games you don't need to enter any buildings, come in contact with any people or touch any items that have been left to themselves.
the secret of Canal Lachine
solve the mystery of industrial Montreal
The game was inspired by the beauty and history of ever-changed Canal Lachine. Once 1200 factories and plants were located along the water channel.

Anything invisible could become visible. Any tiny streets, passages or gateways could have a clue.

See the industrialization times heritage. Atwater Market, Saint-Henri borough, and Canal Lachine itself will be your guides.

Jump back to the past and feel yourself a city dweller of 19th century.

The game is created in collaboration with Amaze Escape Games.

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