Old Montreal Case
The most intricate robbery recently happened in Old Montreal or somewhere in Old Port area. We do not have any accurate intel.

The investigation is deadlocked as we don't have enough men to work out all the versions.

All we have is a bunch of different evidences. We desperately need your help to solve the case.

Who knows what you can find on those old and charming streets. Somebody gonna get charged for this blatant theft for sure.

Old Montreal case
solve the crime of the year
The game was inspired by the beauty of Old Montreal. Discover a mix of Chinatown, Quartier des Spectacles and Place Jacques Cartier through the intriguing investigation.

Navigate around the oldest part of Ville-Marie, which once been a French fortress and settlement of 1642. Here the original settlement of Montreal grew.

Enjoy the spirit of history. Get to know the National Historic Site of Canada. No matter how many times you've been there, the ancient city always welcomes you to come back.
Our booking process is short and simple!
The more you are the cheaper it is! Price starts from 29$ per person for team of 2.
Our all best time record is 1h38 and the average duration is 2 hours.
Maximum 20 teams can participate with up to 6 people per team.
The total duration of the race is 5 km.
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