Solve Your City

An adventure you've never seen before
An Urban Adventure
in Montreal
Imagine we combined your favorite puzzle-solving escape rooms with the endless opportunities of the city! Is your BRAIN ready for the RACE to discover Montreal's most hidden spots and the city's biggest secrets?

Teams like yours will be pushed to their intellectual limits. Prove that you and your friends are the smartest and fastest team in the city! Reach the finish line first and collect a maximum of game points to beat the competition!

Compete with other thrill seekers like you in our Brain Race. Hack all the city's puzzles to become the fastest team! But remember, Montreal will be your biggest rival.
play the game and let the city play you!
Our BRAIN RACE games
What to expect
First of all, to have fun! Besides that ...
Real puzzles guided with technology
Fully automated gaming software. No silly photo-challenges or anticipated game route navigation. We want to give you the best so real puzzles only! To proceed towards the finish line, you'll have to solve them all, one by one!
Walking on a sunny day
Perfect for everyone, whether you are in competition with the others or feel like a chill walk in the city. No need for any excessive force or an athlete's talent! With an average time of an hour and a half, you will travel from 4 to 5 km. Running or not, it's up to you!
Amazing discoveries
You'll get to know the city better. Your mind will be put to the test. Find a nice pace and solve the city with your teammates. But remember, Montreal always keeps a few surprises!
We love Montreal.
We love its stories and secrets.
We love the city's history and its heritage.
And we'd love to share it with you.


We are tech and data-driven geeks
who have been creating real puzzles since 2007

... and hope you can solve them all.
Our clients love us
Amazing experience! Well organized! I had a great time! It's a mix of Amazing Race and an Escape game! You use your brain and your physical endurance and you discover the beautiful city of Montreal! I recommend it to all and definitively I will come back! πŸ˜ƒπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ˜ƒ
Michal Falenczyk
It is really engaging and entertaining, especially if you compete with your friends. Some of tasks are simple, some more difficult, but if you get stuck the hints will always help you to go through. And there are moments when the plot makes you really believe that you are taking part in a real adventure, not just a game :).
Raphael Jungling
Great group activities to discover the city while having fun! Intensely fun and playful.
Kim Levan
Great experience! So much fun running around the city like crazies looking for hints. I highly recommend it :)

Have a special occasion for a big group?
Our Brain Race game could be an ideal gift for your or somebody else's milestone event celebration. Corporate event or birthday or bachelor party or an anniversary celebration or a victory of The Montreal Canadiens or a long awaited old friends reunion!
Just give us a hint how to get back to you with your special price

Is it necessary to make a reservation?
Yes. We recommend reserving in advance. You will have less of a hassle at the start as it is better to have extra time to join your chosen game at our game plateforme. Visit our reservation page to see the available dates and time slots.

Reservations can be made online or over the phone at 1.514.533.0325
How much does it cost?
All of our games range from $17 to $29 per player. These prices vary depending on the game and the number of players in your team. The more you are, the cheaper it is! To know the exact price, please visit the game's page.
Why does the same game have two different prices?
The cheaper version of the game has more dates and time slots available. The more expensive version has a fun surprise for the participants.
How do I cancel or edit my reservation?
To cancel or edit your reservation, please contact us as soon as possible by email at brain@racemtl.com or by phone at 1.514.533.0325.

Tickets are fully refundable 48 hours before the game. There is no refund if cancellation has been made less than 48 hours before the game.
What is the duration of the game?
The average duration of any game is around 2 hours. It is always depend on the pace your team has chosen. If you are keen on winning the race, you will definitely put more physical efforts into it and will reach the finish line faster.
How to create a team and join a game using Brain Race software?
Our game software is very user friendly. First, go to the "Profile" section and create your personal profile. Then click on "+" and choose "Create Team". Then choose your game in the "Games" section, then click on "Details", choose your team and click "Register". Your team is now joined to the game.
How to change a member of my team or to add an extra one?
Click on "Teams" in your "Profile". Then click on "..." and choose "Members". Here you can modify your team's line-up.
At what time we have to show up at the start?
We strongly recommend to come 15 minutes earlier. If you are late, you still can play the game, but if it's been already started, you can't participate in the competition.
We reserved for 5 people however there are only 3 of us coming, do we have to pay for the missing players?
No! However, keep in mind that the prices vary depending on the number of players. This means that a team of 5 players will pay less per individual than a team of 3 players.
We made a reservation on the website and paid for 4-6 people, but one of us can't come. Can we get a refund for a missing player?
No problem, contact us 48 hours before your reservation for a full refund, otherwise, a gift card will be issued on site for the remaining balance.
Do you have any discounts for kids?
Yes – Kids 12 years and younger can play with a 50% discount. ID may be required.
Do you have any birthday specials?
Yes, a birthday girl/boy can get 1 free entrance to any of our games on the day of their birthday. They must provide a valid photo ID.
Are the games in French or in English?
All our games are fully bilingual.
Can we do a corporate team building game / birthday party / special event?
Brain Race is the right company to organize the ideal team-building event!

Head to our Special Occasion page to learn more.

Are any drinks or snacks included into the price?
No. Any extras is a matter of additional arrangements for private/special or corporate games only.
If you still have any questions, please, write us to brain@racemtl.com or we can connect by phone.
brain race is a part of A/Maze Entertainment Family
Feel free to write, call and visit us. We really love to communicate with our clients.
3550 St-Jacques street, Montreal, H4C 1H2
Phone: 1.514.533.0325
Email: brain@racemtl.com
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